Welcome. We are Bwaise Youth Project,  in partnership with, Ak Foundation Inc. a non-profit organization, who is dedicated to educating and empowering the youth of Bwaise, located in Uganda.

Bwaise is one of the largest slum areas in the suburbs of Kampala, a capital city of Uganda in East Africa. This is a community plagued by pollution and swampy unsanitized water ways.  Clean water is a dream, rather than a reality. There is a local saying that goes:

"Water is life. Unless you live in Bwaise. If you live in Bwaise water is death."

Most people in Bwaise are too poor to afford proper sanitation facilities and they lack education about proper hygiene and safe waste removal. This area is drastically over populated and has a high rate of illiteracy, alcoholism, and drug abuse.  These issues have caused devastating health results for the community. 

Our unique goal is to empower the people in this community to change their own way of life so they may create a brighter future worth looking forward to. We do this by bringing programs and education to the youth in the community. Thank you for showing your interest, support, and love for a cause that will make such a great difference in the lives of so many people.



This is the north side of Bwaise: shops, houses, and schools