I have been in Uganda for 2 weeks now.  After getting settled in I have just a small update about the project.  The site that we had planned to used was shut down but the City Council due to flooding.  We have a found another site that has classrooms ready for us to use.  The KCC Kampala City Council would also like to shut that site down too, because of flooding.  Because it is private owned  we have the go ahead to use the building from the owners so we will continue with the plan to use the old school.  We are doing kids sign up this weekend for ages 9-16 that do not attend school.  We will start our 7 Core workshops on March 5th.  We are in need of volunteers for if you are in the area and would like to volunteer please let me know.  Also we are in need of  funds to make copies, pencils, notebooks.  If you are able to help please lets us know.  Thank you and will update a again next week.