About Us

The Bwaise Youth Project is powered by AK Foundation inc. AK Foundation is a non profiting making organization founded by Alvin Kasule based in Massachusetts, USA. It works to empower children in Africa to thrive throughout all stages of life and become leaders of enduring change. AK Foundation provides education and child sponsorship services to deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in Uganda with a plan of expanding throughout Africa.

 We honor their mission and goals. B.Y.P focuses more on providing seminars, educational programs; as a youth drop in center; to the Bwaise community.

BYP was started after a detailed survery was conducted in Bwaise.  After speaking with the youth, change is what they  wanted in their community.  A positive change that will improve the standards of living in Bwaise.

 From the survery, we came up with  the 7 core program to fit their needs. 

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Education                               Environment

English                                       Trash

Math                                         Drinking water

Reading                                     Flooding



Environmental Health          Sports

Tuberculosis                           Boxing

Vaccinations                           Swimming

Malaria                                   Soccer


Social Responsibility              Family Planning 

Money                                     Prevention      

Jobs                                         Intervention   

Careers                                     Post-baby care 


HIV/AIDS   Hygiene     Drug Abuse