We would like to give a big THANKS to our fundraisng team!  We have placed team members throughout the USA, if you would like to reach one of them for brochures or just as a contact person, email us and we can connect you to them. 

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My name is Alvin Kasule, president/ founder AK Foundation Inc, born and raised in Uganda(East Africa) and currently leaving in Boston, Massachusetts. Am a heath care specialist, writer, actor, movie producer and director. Making a difference and putting a smile to a face in need is my greatest desire and i call upon everyone with a true heart of service to join us as we make a difference to an African Child.


My name is Dolores Villa, I am a Colorado State Graduate,I have travled throughout the world volunteering as a case worker. I have volunteered in the United States, Mexico, Romaina, and Uganda. After living in Bwaise for 9 months I've seen the change the youth want and I truley believe they can be that change. I work with the AK Foundation INC, so we can help the youth of Bwaise reach their goals. My homebase is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. I also take up residence in Bwasie, Uganda.

My name is Donna. I'm 34 years old and currently live in Denver, Colorado. I was inspired to work in Africa after watching singer/songwriter Paul Simon perform a televised concert in South Africa in 1986. In 2007, by chance, I met a co-worker, not from South Africa, but from Uganda (East Africa). She had talked of her plan of one opening a clinic in the village of Madindi, Uganda. In January 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Uganda for a month. I stayed with my friends family, and volunteered in the villages bringing medical supplies.

 Jennifer A.K. Rivers is a Natural Resources and Sustainable Development specialist who works at an environmental firm near Washington, DC, focusing on international development projects.

Cassy Myers is a University of Washington student, who is currently pusuing a degree in Business and Psychology. She is very passionate about education, not only her own, but the education of others. She wants to use her career to aid in funding education. She plans on teaching English in Korea upon graduation, and working abroad thereafter, wherever her passion takes her.


Hello I'm James from the UK. I came out to Uganda in June 2011,to help out in Bwaise,everyone was so welcoming to me. Meeting kids and families living in poverty and HIV. I'm looking forward to helping the Bwaise Youth Project. In the uk I am a care worker and look after adults with challenging behavior, which I really enjoy, but my main ambition is to work in Africa. Back in 2009 I was volunteering in Morocco,helping in orphanages in Marrakesh. In the past I have also volunteered for the British Red Cross and fundraised for other UK charities.